Conocemos Signature Organic SPA + Hunkemöller


El mejor plan para estos días tan fríos que aún nos quedan es, sin duda, relajarnos y mimarnos en un spa. Nosotras nos dedicamos de vez en cuando alguna mañana o alguna tarde a desconectar del trabajo y del estrés del día a día y perdernos en las aguas calentitas y los tratamientos de belleza de algún espacio termal. Aunque también tenemos que confesar que nos cuesta poner la mente en blanco y que, la mayoría de veces, seguimos trabajando, organizando la agenda, repasan do los proyectos… pero obviamente en un escenario mucho más apetecible que la oficina.

En pleno centro de Barcelona, dentro del hotel Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa (Trafalgar, 26), encontramos el Signature Organic Spa, un espacio en el que hacernos, en sus cabinas individuales, o doble para parejas, sesiones de belleza, relajarnos y reconectar mente, cuerpo y espíritu. Tenéis una gran variedad de tratamientos de belleza personalizados realizados con productos de creación propia, 100% naturales, con certificación orgánica, recolectados en todo el mundo mediante prácticas de comercio justo, veganos, sin gluten y libres de tóxicos DBP.

El spa también dispone de una zona muy relajante, con una piscina climatizada, sauna, baño de vapor y tumbonas de descanso súper cómodas. Os recomendamos terminar la experiencia en la terraza del hotel, con vistas panorámicas sobre la ciudad de Barcelona, ubicada en la azotea del edificio, y que cuenta con una piscina al aire libre y una zona tipo chill out donde el relax está más que garantizado.

Para la ocasión estrenamos nuestros nuevos trajes de baño de Hunkemöller, una marca de lencería y baño holandesa que nos ha sorprendido gratamente, por su calidad y por sus diseños. Yo escogí un triquini en color negro con un bonito escote, muy sexy, y con tachuelas. Es un modelo que potencia mucho el pecho. Yo no lo necesito, todo hay que decirlo, y con la abertura lo cierto es que toda la atención se centra en esa parte del cuerpo, pero me encanta el diseño.

La opción de María José fue un bikini en color fucsia con un ribete étnico muy bonito, con sujetador de triángulo y braguita de tiras. Es súper favorecedor. Como veis, os mostramos dos opciones, como siempre, según nuestros estilos y nuestros cuerpos diferentes. Además, estamos muy felices porque Hunkemöller nos ha nominado como mejores blogueras 2018 en la categoría de Moda Baño. Sabéis que cada temporada primavera/verano os mostramos las tendencias en bikinis y bañadores y las veis en nosotras, puestas. Así que nos hace especial ilusión.

The best plan for these cold days that still linger is, without a doubt, to relax and pamper ourselves in a spa. We dedicate ourselves from time to time some morning or some afternoon to disconnect from work and stress from day to day and get lost in the warm waters and beauty treatments of a thermal space. Although we also have to confess that it is hard for us to put our minds to the blank and that, most of the time, we continue working, organizing the agenda, reviewing the projects … but obviously in a scenario much more attractive than the office.

In the heart of Barcelona, inside the hotel Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa (Trafalgar, 26), we find the Signature Organic Spa, a space in which to make us, in their individual cabins, or double for couples, beauty sessions, relax and reconnect mind, body and spirit. You have a wide variety of personalized beauty treatments made with products of their own creation, 100% natural, with organic certification, collected worldwide through fair trade practices, vegans, gluten-free and free of toxic DBP.

The spa also has a very relaxing area, with a heated pool, sauna, steam bath and super comfortable loungers. We recommend finishing the experience on the hotel terrace, with panoramic views over the city of Barcelona, located on the roof of the building, which has an outdoor pool and a chill-out area where relaxation is more than guaranteed.

For the occasion we premiered our new swimsuits from Hunkemöller, a Dutch lingerie and swimwear brand that has pleasantly surprised us, for its quality and for its designs. I chose a trikini in black with a nice neckline, very sexy, and with studs. It is a model that greatly enhances the chest. I do not need it, everything has to be said, and with the opening the truth is that all the attention is focused on that part of the body, but I love the design.

The option of María José was a bikini in fuchsia with a very nice ethnic border, with triangle bra and strong bottoms. It is super flattering. As you can see, we show you two options, as always, according to our styles and our different bodies. In addition, we are very happy because Hunkemöller has nominated us as best bloggers 2018 in the category of Bath Fashion. You know that every spring / summer season we show you the trends in bikinis and swimsuits and you see them on us, wearing them. So it gives us a lot of excitement.

Well, no. It seems that it has not arrived just yet but … how much we want to have it here at last! The Spring came in a few weeks ago but the cold and the rain were reluctant to leave definitively. However, our cabinets are already filled with cheerful, fresh and colorful clothes, right?

Today I want to show you a look so real, of which I wear almost daily, in my many days of frantic madness, and those who answer me the most. For me, comfort is key, always. My days start very early and end late, very late. So I need comfortable clothes, but without losing that chic touch.

I wear a total look of Venca, with torn jeans, basic white shirt with a silver sequined star, silver slippers and a bandit bag, silver too. Do you like it? I am more and more a fan of this type of garments: jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

As I said, for those times when it is still cool, the best thing is a finite coat, like this Levite type, and in red color that always favors a lot and raises any outfit. Sunglasses, also in red and, like the rest, also Venca.

My jewelry, it could not be otherwise, is from my brand Valentina’s Jewels; some very special jewels, plated in fine gold of 24kt., that can be combined with each other and with very trendy designs. They are a perfect gift for special moments and people, such as Mother’s Day. You can take a look on the web. You have several models with different styles in rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Sure, you’re right. I hope, as always, that you like it and that it inspires you. And let the good weather come!

Agus Albiol photos.

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